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Food packaging bags for fruit sugar packaging
May 08, 2017

Everyone loves to eat sugar, children are adults to eat, New Year festivals, sugar is the first choice for Chinese people gifts. Impression, the market has fructose fructose, useful food packaging bags of fruit sugar, candy. Early Sugar Stage China is one of the earliest countries in the world. Sugar production of more than 100,000 tons of sugar industry group has 20, total sugar production 6.7 million tons, accounting for 67% of the country's sugar production. Sugar market demand is very large, especially when the Chinese New Year, the Chinese people will buy a bag of sugar as a gift, why they choose a food bag of sugar, not in bulk, because China love face, like packaging decent decent, a beautiful Candy food packaging bags, need to rely on food packaging bags manufacturers.

Candy food bags, in addition to packaging, the inside there are small packaging candy. Candy is soluble, the surface sticky hand, easy to melt contact with the air, small bags are playing a blocking effect of adhesion. Plus a large outside the bag, the food bag played a decorative role, the second is to block the air again, to avoid candy damp.