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Self-sealing bag introduction
May 08, 2017

Self-styled bag made of polyethylene is a kind of sealed bag, is a green product, tough and durable, can be reused, printable advertising, mark, do the refrigerator bag, long life.

It is mainly used for product packaging, storage of food, jewelry, medicine, cosmetics, frozen food, stamps and so on, moisture, water, pest control, to prevent things scattered, from induction, to the buyer neatly standardized image, but also Re-use, gently press the seal will be tightly, non-toxic and tasteless, flexible, sealed, very convenient.

The type of self-styled bag is the main bag, plastic bag, gift bag, shopping bag, vest bag, paper bag, stand-alone bag as a new form of packaging novelty self-reliance, much consumer favorite. Self-standing bag is a bottom support plastic flexible packaging structure, no support frame can be independent, independent bag packaging characteristics, small and exquisite easy to carry; packaging recycling, environmental protection and energy conservation. Excellent packaging printing effect, not only improve the visual effects of packaging, play a very good publicity effect. Self-reliant bags play a vital role in good products, packaging convenience food transport and storage, but also to ensure food hygiene and safety in today's business age, the type of packaging bags, such as sealing film, automatic packaging film , Vacuum bags, tights for packaging food, an important impact on food quality, in addition to isolating air pollution and other factors on the impact of food. Good packaging can extend the shelf life of food, give a small example: sealing film, mainly used for yogurt, milk, tea, pickles and other cups sealed packaging, everyone knows that yogurt packaging period is very short, usually 3-4 days , Sealing performance, sealing film plays an important role in yogurt, not only to ensure that yogurt and fresh, there are protection in the process of transport safety.