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Vacuum bags, breaking the market where the bottleneck broke
May 08, 2017

In order to develop market potential, vacuum bag manufacturers want to create a biodegradable green bag. However, with the intensification of market competition, enterprises in the environmental protection of the vacuum bag was the market failure. Green bag "best game nobody plays" cold and why the price is higher than the environmental type of vacuum bag, then it should be about how to break the market bottleneck.

A, enterprises should be supported by the authorities, improve skills, reduce costs, eliminate consumer concerns. "Limited plastic made" the effect of environmental protection is not obvious, consumers can not buy is not as soon as possible to launch two environmental costs and low shopping bags. Especially for the national market acquisition of fish, shrimp, crab, fresh water items and meat and vegetables, and eggs, project stone, need a lot of bags. But the cost of charging the vacuum bag too high consumers can not stand, only to mention the basket may be a big shopping bag and can not load all the equipment of Charpy, which gives consumers a lot of inconvenience.

Second, the authorities rely on the skills in the pursuit of environmental protection type vacuum bag ... because the government is not enough to reach the ultra-thin vacuum bag, the market does not accept forced circulation techniques, many thin vacuum bags are still in public use, Manufacturers seek opportunities to continue production in secret.

Third, consumers should have a sense of environmental protection, and gradually blind use of the reusable vacuum bag ... reasons, long shopping center to provide consumers with free plastic shopping bags have become "regular", consumers take freedom Habits. From the "free" "fee" in the application, put forward the theory is not easy.