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How Can Buy Anti-static Bags
May 08, 2017

1. Anti-static bags at the factory but no smell, no smell, and some very odor of anti-static bags, do not have to be in the paper packaging.

2. Anti-static packaging bags must have a text label, marked production plant name, site, product-owned enterprises, nothing in the obvious parts of the "food" words. After the factory are written goods inspection certificate.

3. Get food is very good to a lot of business to spend a few dollars, do not go to the street stalls to spend some money.

4. Some finishes antistatic bags do not have to be packed in food. Only because this type of anti-static bags are often recycled with recycled paper production.

5. Only because anti-static bags are not easy to degrade the characteristics, have caused environmental pollution, therefore, when the purchase of food, very good very good green packaging materials.

6. As much as possible without coating, coating products. The current packaging design, of course, is to make the packaging feel more beautiful, corrosion resistance, the use of materials with the coating. You not only to the product after the retirement of a large number of materials recovered, and then take the problem, in addition to most of the paint itself is toxic, if we eat these packaged food, all of the physical and mental health or more harm The Outside the coating, plating process also to the facilities conditions have brought great pollution.