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How Can We Identify High Quality Spices Bags
May 08, 2017

1. Seasoning bags should be no smell, no smell, and some, such as the taste of the spoon, can not be safe or not in the film Lin paper packaging.

2. Spinning bag packaging must have Chinese logo, the above should be written with the name of the factory name, site, product company name, not in a significant part of the write "food" words. After the products are shipped with product testing certificate.

Buying food is very good to the big market to spend some money, can not go to the street stalls to get money to buy. Seasoning bags

4. Some of the color of the spoon can not be safe or not in the food packaging. Because this kind of seasoning bag in the past is the use of recycled recycled plastic production.

5. Because the seasoning bag is not easy to degrade the characteristics, will cause environmental pollution, on the purchase of food, very good green packaging materials.

6. As much as possible not coated, coated products. The current packaging design, the need is to lead to more beautiful packaging, corrosion resistance, the use of materials with the coating. This is not only to the product after the scrapped a lot of material recovery, and then bring the problem, in addition to most of the paint itself is toxic, if you eat these packaged food, will have a serious harm to everyone. Another coating, plating process throughout the facilities to bring a great deal of pollution. Such as paint volatile toxic solvent gas, plating and other heavy metals containing chromium and other waste, waste pollution. Therefore, should be used as far as possible without coating, coating the packaging material. Well, on this side is the company on the seasoning bag in the purchase of the best to pay attention to several aspects of a brief description of your money when you spend some money with plastic bags at the same time can refer to the point to spend some money Seasoning bags.