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How Can We Identify The Quality Of High-priced Low-profile Bags
May 08, 2017

1. Shaped bags factory should be no smell, no smell, and some special taste of the special-shaped bags, can not be safe or not in the film Lin paper packaging.

2. Shaped bag packaging must have a Chinese logo, marked factory name, site, product owned business, not in these places to write "food" words. After the products are manufactured with supplies inspection certificate.

3. choose to use food to the quality of money to buy, control the street stalls to spend a few dollars.

4. Some fineness shaped bags can not be safe or not in food packaging. Because this type of shaped bags are usually made using recycled paper.

5. Because the shape of the bag is not easy to degrade the characteristics, will cause environmental pollution, therefore, when buying food, very effective green packaging materials.

6. As effective as possible without coating, coating products. The current packaging design, the purpose is to become more beautiful packaging, corrosion resistance, the use of materials with the coating. You are not only to the product after the scrapped a lot of material recovery, re-use has brought difficulties, in addition to most of the paint itself is toxic, if everyone eat these packaged food, will have more or less harm to everyone. The second coating, plating process on the way to the equipment has brought great pollution. Such as paint volatile toxic solvent gas, plating and other heavy metals containing chromium and other waste, waste pollution.