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Laser Packaging Film In The Packaging Of The Important Role
Nov 03, 2017

Laser packaging film as the highly respected merchants of the new century packaging materials, due to strong decorative and anti-counterfeiting, is rapidly being used in a variety of commodity packaging.

Laser packaging film has a strong visual impact

Laser packaging film are generally used computer dot matrix lithography technology, 3D true color holographic technology, multiple and dynamic imaging technology, through the molding with rainbow dynamic, three-dimensional effect of the hologram transferred to PET, BOPP, PVC or coated Of the substrate, and then use the composite, hot stamping, transfer and other ways to make the surface of the product packaging laser laser effect. Laser packaging film decorated with the packaging of goods, bags of white light irradiation, due to different diffraction angle, when viewed from different angles, can show colorful and colorful logo images, text and background patterns, the shape of the gradient, The size of the gradient, color gradient, the visual impact on consumers is unmatched by other packaging materials. Such as laser cigarette pull line, Yan Di kit and so on.

Laser packaging film composite packaging in color, make the product packaging more beautiful colors

In the past, color printing boxes, bags of composite laser film rare. In order to adapt to the development of market economy and improve the competitiveness of products, laser packaging film has now been more and more businesses fancy. China Yili Group, Harbin Pharmaceutical Group took the lead in the application of its packaging of laser packaging film. In recent years, China's high-end cigarettes, daily necessities, pharmaceutical products and food and other famous products, many have adopted the laser packaging film or foil hot stamping, such as Colgate toothpaste, European medicine packaging boxes, beautiful packaging not only improves the product quality, Also brought good business benefits for the business.

Laser packaging has a strong anti-counterfeiting effect

Laser packaging film not only has a strong surface finish, but also has good security features, because the laser packaging film plate, the replication process is extremely complicated, producers must have expensive lasers, lithography machines, molding machines, coating machines, Slitting machines, coating machines, etc., but also involves optical, chemical, cryptography, physics and informatics and other multidisciplinary techniques, it is difficult to imitate. This year, China Telecom, China Mobile and China Unicom will all make phone business cards using laser packaging films and film tapes in order to prevent counterfeit phone cards. According to insiders, the new card uses a number of patented technologies, with decorative arts, high security, environmental protection and low cost, and many other advantages.