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Pet Food Packaging Bags Of The Main Production Materials Are The Following:
May 08, 2017

1, co-extruded PE film

2, woven bags

3, PP / PE, PE / PE, PET / PE, NY / PE two bags

PET / NY / PE / PET / AL / PE / PET / AL / PE / PET / AL / PE / PET / AL / PE / PET / AL / PE / PET /

6, PET / NY / AL / RCPP high temperature cooking bags wet food / soft canned packaging

The major manufacturers specializing in the production of various types of pet food bags, a combination of various materials, depending on the type of pet food varieties, the size of each package weight, packaging bags, pet food manufacturers on the packaging requirements , Pet food processing food processing methods, pet food packaging after the preservation requirements, pet food packaging design requirements ..... and so on a variety of information together, analysis, balance and choose the most reasonable value of the composite structure. Material selection, printing with the additional design, such as multiple opening and closing seal zipper, slider zipper, one-way exhaust valve, diagonal pipe and so will help strengthen the maximum value of pet food packaging bags.

Pet food bag bag type: flat bag, four side sealed bag, standing bag, Siamese bag, back bag, etc.